Sijal is an Arabic concept used to describe a spirited debate or an intellectual contest of two or more equals.


What we do

Sijal is an interview-based open platform archiving influential and critical Khaleeji voices with focus on contemporary regional issues.


Why Khaleej?

Contemporary scholarly research  often focuses on the Middle East as a collective whole.

Although the Middle East is indeed bound by many cultural, political and social ties, what we end up facing in scholarship and media is a major lack of understanding of its nuances.

Sijal takes on the belief that Khaleeji countries (Gulf States) share similar history, economy, and culture that distinguishes the region from the wider Middle East, and therefore should be given more specialised intellectual focus. By focusing on various individual experiences, opinions, and comments on the Khaleej we hope to provide a clearer insight into issues facing the region. 


Why now?

Sijal acknowledges the fact that the Gulf region is witnessing challenges in its geopolitics, economy, and societal transformations that call for a collective intellectual collaboration between individuals in various disciplines in order to address these challenges.